Response: Manifestos are necessarily condensed and simplistic. To clarify a bit: we share an attitude and spirit, but we aren't bound to any specific theories or plans. When we turn to our typewriters we do choose them over digital devices, and recognize their superiority for our current purposes, but that doesn't mean we can never use digital devices. We resist an all-embracing digital mentality, but most of us are willing to use computers when appropriate. The Typewriter Revolution explains the manifesto in detail.

Everyone is welcome to create more manifestos!

​​Here is​ ​​Henri Bergotte's:

The Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto has now become a book by Richard Polt: The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century. It's also featured in the film California Typewriter.
Visit typewriterrevolution.com to see typewritten translations of the Manifesto into many languages.

​​Send your comments, your translations of the Manifesto, or your own manifesto to augenblick64@gmail.com.


Here is C. A.'s commentary on the Manifesto:

Is our movement coherent or incoherent? Consider this critique:
Here is R.S.'s manifesto:

Manifesto for a Movement

The Typewriter Insurgency has no leader, no dogma, no program.

The insurgents may arise singly or in groups, anywhere, anytime.

They will enter places consecrated to digital orthodoxy and corporate homogeneity to type whatever they please.

They may choose to type a message such as this, which they will leave behind as an invitation to like-minded souls and a call to the victims of digital hypnosis:

* * * * * * * * *

This location has been infiltrated by THE TYPEWRITER INSURGENCY.

We assert our right to resist the Paradigm, to rebel against the Information Regime, to escape the Data Stream.

We strike a blow for self-reliance, privacy and coherence
dependency, surveillance, and disintegration.
We affirm the written word and written thought
multimedia, multitasking, and the meme.

We choose the real over representation,
the physical over the digital,
the durable over the unsustainable,
the self-sufficient over the efficient.